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The ChainGang

An alphabetical list of blockchains with some links and text.

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Staking/Lending Notes

Token Stake/Lend Site Chain Yield AerodromeExtraVelodrome LendStakedLend Extra Finance BaseOP/BaseOP 37.48%110%7.14% Ethereum Lend Extra Finance BaseOP 4.67-14.62%1-9% USDC Lend Extra Finance BaseOP 14.6%7-13%

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Staking As A Percentage of Float

Staking as a percentage of the float, often referred to as the staking ratio, provides critical insights into the health, security, and community engagement of a blockchain network. This metric…

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Crypto Launchpads: A Gateway to Blockchain Ventures

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the crypto industry, Launchpads have emerged as a pivotal mechanism for nurturing new blockchain projects and facilitating investment opportunities. These platforms, often referred to…

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Multiple Signature Wallets Roundup

**Work In Progress** Multiple signature crypto wallets, commonly known as multi-signature or multi-sig wallets, are advanced security features in the cryptocurrency world designed to enhance the safety of digital assets….

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Top Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) on Solana Open To USA

Introduction The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on the Solana blockchain has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, with numerous decentralized exchanges (DEXs) emerging to facilitate seamless token swaps, yield farming,…

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The term “X-Risk” refers to existential risks, formidable challenges that humanity faces which could potentially lead to our extinction or cause irreversible damage to human civilization on a global scale….

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Atlas DEX

Atlas DEX: A Cross-Chain Solution for Decentralized Exchange Liquidity Fragmentation Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have emerged as a popular alternative to centralized exchanges, offering users greater control over their assets and…

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FIAT (Terms)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of finance, the interplay between traditional fiat currencies and emergent cryptocurrencies has garnered significant attention. Fiat money, government-issued currency not backed by a physical commodity…

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All-Time High ~ ATH (Terms)

in Cryptocurrency: An In-Depth Analysis The cryptocurrency market is renowned for its volatility and the remarkable potential for generating unprecedented returns on investment. A pivotal concept within this dynamic market…