This subdomain About page (like the others) is less about me as a creator and more about how the information is organized and presented. I would hope that it might prove of more use than say an author profile might. I do have a separate site for my personal stuff at Butturff.org. This is a fluid page and will no doubt develop over time.

  • Organizational Structure
    Subdomain Structural Planning & Layout
  • A New Standard For Illustration
    A digital creator fuses surrealism with cryptocurrency and abstract art, crafting an immersive experience that pushes the bounds of creativity and technology, hinting at future NFT possibilities.
  • Navigating the Cryptoverse: My BUY/SELL/HOLD System
    The world of cryptocurrency can be overwhelming, with countless projects vying for your attention. While I can’t tell you exactly what to invest in, I can share my own approach through a system I call BUY/SELL/HOLD. This isn’t a magic formula, but rather a way to categorize my perspective on different cryptocurrencies. Unlike the stock…
  • About OXZO Crypto Part I: Cryptocurrency Profiles Introduction
    The realm of cryptocurrency is vast and complex, yet it holds an undeniable allure for those intrigued by its potential to redefine financial paradigms. Exploring the World of Crypto: A Journey Through Tokens and Analysis My journey into this world began from a place of curiosity, merged with a strong hobbyist interest in WordPress. This…