Crypto Launchpads: A Gateway to Blockchain Ventures

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the crypto industry, Launchpads have emerged as a pivotal mechanism for nurturing new blockchain projects and facilitating investment opportunities. These platforms, often referred to as Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) Launchpads or Token Launchpads, provide a structured environment for projects to raise capital while offering investors early access to potentially high-growth ventures. This essay explores the concept, significance, and functionality of crypto Launchpads, highlighting their role in the blockchain ecosystem.

Definition and Concept

A crypto Launchpad is a platform that enables blockchain-based projects to raise funds by offering their tokens to early investors. These platforms typically operate on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), allowing for a more inclusive and accessible investment process compared to traditional Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Launchpads streamline the token issuance process, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and providing a secure environment for both projects and investors.

Significance in the Crypto Industry

  1. Democratizing Investment Opportunities:
    Launchpads democratize access to investment opportunities by lowering the barriers to entry. Unlike traditional venture capital, which often requires significant capital and connections, Launchpads allow smaller investors to participate in early-stage funding rounds. This inclusivity fosters a more diverse investor base and supports a broader range of projects.
  2. Accelerating Project Growth:
    For blockchain projects, Launchpads offer more than just funding. They provide visibility, credibility, and community support, all of which are crucial for early-stage growth. By leveraging the reputation and resources of a Launchpad, projects can attract more investors and partners, accelerating their development and adoption.
  3. Enhancing Security and Trust:
    Security and trust are paramount in the crypto industry. Launchpads conduct thorough due diligence on projects before listing them, reducing the risk of scams and fraudulent activities. This vetting process reassures investors that the projects have been scrutinized for viability and integrity, fostering a safer investment environment.

Functionality and Process

  1. Project Selection and Due Diligence:
    Launchpads typically have a stringent selection process to ensure only credible and promising projects are listed. This involves evaluating the project’s team, technology, business model, and market potential. The due diligence process helps in filtering out low-quality projects, ensuring that investors are presented with viable opportunities.
  2. Token Sale and Distribution:
    Once a project is approved, the Launchpad facilitates the token sale. Investors can purchase tokens at a predetermined price, often at a discount compared to future market prices. The sale may occur in several phases, including private, pre-sale, and public rounds, each with specific conditions and allocation limits.
  3. Post-Launch Support:
    Beyond the token sale, Launchpads often provide ongoing support to projects. This can include marketing assistance, technical advisory, and community engagement strategies. Such support is vital for maintaining momentum and achieving long-term success.

Leading Examples of Crypto Launchpads

I am trying to list the most interesting LPs but because of the situation in the United States many firms won’t don’t business with customers here. I’m probably remove them from the list if they can’t find a way around it. Some do and some don’t. The SEC is mostly concerned with firms that actually operate in their jurisdictions so I sort of think it’s disingenuous but I might be wrong. To my knowledge the SEC hasn’t actually gone after non-US firms recently. It’s reminiscent of the crackdown on Online Poker in the Bush administration so maybe the are worried about something like that.

Several prominent Launchpads have made significant impacts in the crypto space, including:

  • BlastUP is an innovative launchpad designed to support early-stage projects within the Blast ecosystem. It focuses on a community-centric approach, providing a transparent and inclusive environment for project launches. Features include project screening, a launchpad accelerator, and community incentives. The native token, BLP, offers access to tiered IDO launches, staking rewards, and a token buy-back mechanism. BlastUP aims to streamline the growth of blockchain startups and provide investors with secure, high-potential investment opportunities.
  • Binance Launchpad: (Not USA Friendly and Binance USA does not help.) One of the earliest and most successful platforms, it has facilitated numerous high-profile token sales.
  • CoinList: CoinList is known for hosting high-quality token sales and has been instrumental in the success of several well-known blockchain projects. It emphasizes regulatory compliance and security, making it a reliable platform for U.S. investors.
  • Fjord Foundry: Fjord Foundry is a community-focused launchpad specializing in fair and transparent Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs). This platform aims to democratize access to early-stage blockchain projects, allowing project teams to bootstrap liquidity seamlessly while backers explore diverse investment opportunities. Fjord Foundry’s LBPs employ a high-to-low pricing mechanism that reduces the impact of bots and whale manipulation, ensuring equitable distribution and community-driven price discovery. With over $15 million raised in its recent pre-sale, Fjord Foundry stands out for its commitment to innovation and community engagement.
  • Polkastarter: Known for its cross-chain capabilities and user-friendly interface, it has hosted a variety of innovative projects.
  • Republic Crypto: Republic Crypto offers a platform for investing in vetted blockchain projects. It combines crowdfunding with compliance, ensuring that both projects and investors adhere to regulatory standards. Republic Crypto is accessible to U.S. investors, providing a secure and compliant investment environment.
  • Seedify: (VPN needed in the USA as well as a non-US ID. They do not bother to disclose this immediately so beware. They use Blockpass to verify which in my experience has terrible customer service.) Seedify is a pioneering launchpad and incubator focused on blockchain gaming projects. It supports developers through funding, mentorship, and community engagement, enabling them to create innovative Web3 gaming experiences. By leveraging decentralized finance (DeFi), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Seedify provides a comprehensive platform for the growth and success of blockchain gaming projects​​.
  • TrustSwap Launchpad: Emphasizing security and transparency, it offers a comprehensive suite of services for token issuance and management.


Crypto Launchpads have revolutionized the way blockchain projects are funded and launched. By providing a secure, inclusive, and efficient platform for token sales, they play a crucial role in the growth and maturation of the crypto industry. As the blockchain ecosystem continues to expand, the importance of Launchpads in fostering innovation and democratizing investment opportunities is likely to increase, cementing their position as indispensable tools in the crypto entrepreneur’s toolkit.

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These references provide further insights into the operational mechanisms and contributions of Launchpads in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

Performance of Crypto Launchpad Projects

The performance of crypto launchpad projects can vary significantly, from underperforming investments to those delivering exponential returns. Here are examples of projects that underperformed, achieved at least a 100x or 1000x return, and one where investors broke even.

Underperforming Project: Launchpad Launchpad has seen a mix of success and failures. While the platform is active in launching new projects, many offerings have been criticized for being poorly written and unclear in purpose. The lack of transparency and lower quality of projects often lead to underperformance. Many projects do not meet their fundraising goals or fail to deliver expected returns, making it a risky platform for investors​ (Hedge With Crypto)​.

High-Performing Project: StepN on Binance Launchpad

StepN (GMT), launched on Binance Launchpad, is one of the standout performers in the crypto space. This project provided investors with returns of up to 411 times their initial investment. The success of StepN underscores the potential of carefully selected projects on reputable platforms like Binance Launchpad to yield substantial returns​ (CoinGecko)​.

Break-Even Project: Arkham on Binance Launchpad

Arkham (ARKM) also launched on Binance Launchpad but delivered more modest returns. Initially providing up to 16 times the investment at its peak, it ultimately saw many investors breaking even. While not a spectacular success, Arkham’s performance highlights the variability in returns even within the same launchpad​ (CoinGecko)​.

Exceptional Return Project: Victoria VR on KuCoin Spotlight

Victoria VR (VR), launched on KuCoin Spotlight, is another example of a high-performing project. It achieved an impressive 212x return post its initial token raise, reflecting the potential for significant gains through well-vetted and innovative projects​ (KuCoin)​.

These examples illustrate the spectrum of outcomes for investors participating in crypto launchpads, emphasizing the importance of careful selection and thorough due diligence when investing in early-stage blockchain projects.

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