Some of the Major Past EIPs

  1. EIP-1: EIP-1EIP Purpose and Guidelines.
  2. EIP-20 (ERC-20): EIP-20 – Token Standard.
  3. EIP-155: EIP-155 – Simple Replay Attack Protection.
  4. EIP-158: EIP-158 – State Clearing.
  5. EIP-160: EIP-160 – EXP cost increase.
  6. EIP-161: EIP-161 – State Trie Clearing.
  7. EIP-170: EIP-170 – Contract Size Limit.
  8. EIP-721 (ERC-721): EIP-721 – Non-Fungible Token Standard.
  9. EIP-1559: EIP-1559 – Fee Market Change for ETH 1.0 Chain.
  10. EIP-2535 (Diamond Standard): EIP-2535 – Diamond Standard.
  11. EIP-2929: EIP-2929 – Gas cost increases for state access opcodes.
  12. EIP-2930: EIP-2930 – Optional Access Lists.

To read more about any specific EIP, you can visit the official Ethereum EIP GitHub repository at and search for the EIP number of interest. Here’s how you can construct the URLs for direct access to some of the mentioned EIPs:

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