Organizational Structure

Subdomain Structural Planning & Layout

  • About (a series of posts like this one added for flexibility to add and edit various topics about the site itself)
  • Whitepapers
    • Rough Draft
    • Revised
    • Advanced
  • Briefs
    • Tokens
    • DEX
    • AMM
  • Exposes
    • Multiple related whitepapers
    • Forms a short book like research paper
  • Topical
    • Charts (discussion of charts including AI interpretations)
    • Cryptoterminology (short encyclopedic definition articles)
    • Cybercrime (Everything from malfeasance to hacking exploits)
    • Markets (Trading activities like daytrading, futures, etc)
    • NFTs (OXZO NFTs, How to, etc)
    • Reviews (Books, devices, misc.)
    • Technoblurbs (aka News, with a humorous bent at times)
  • Utility
    • A place to put maintenance and upkeep related things, templates, Buy/Hold/Sell designations, etc.
    • Contacts
  • Proposed Extensions
    • Shopping
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